Economic crisis pressures all to reduce costs and human capital. Partnerships are a fundamental tool to survive this scenario. What about brokers? How to renew without investment? That is where D'Or Consultoria Partnership program comes in.

how does this work?

What do I get from this?

Bringing it short, you get all tools and necessary support to sell more. D’Or Consultoria manages 1 million lives with excellence. We develop custom and taylored processes aligned with company's goals, avoiding costs for all our partners.

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we work for you

Power to sell more without worring with daily operations. Leave it all work with us. It isn't that what partners are for?

We guarantee:

- Access to potential clients
- Scale, volume and negotiation strenght onte the market 
- Top market specialistsEspecialistas com larga experiência no setor
- Technnical and commercial support on sales, implementation and post-sales
- 100% of daily operations
- Exclusive integrated management technology
- Exclusive marketing campaigns
- Rede D’Or São Luiz's hospital concierge

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