360º Management

Everyone says, but only D'Or Consultoria manage all of your company's benefits. We have automatized and powerful systems that kepp you away from human errors. 

Here, your fully supported from contract negotiation, passing through daily operations to control processes.

and more...

IRIS: Data management

IRIS, our exclusive data management system, can cross benefit use data (user or population centred), control absentheeism and loss, detect health insurance misuse, show top users and more!

IRIS sees and shows all scenarios so you can prevent risks and cot future health costs. 

Results guaranteed


D'Or Consultoria has the best in human and technologic capital.

That way we can negotiate the best scenario for your insurance contract, plan taylored control processes and correct benefit management issues.

what is the strategy?


We take care of everything: from suppliers selection, proposals analysis and negotiation with the chosen one.

Our team is filled with the top talent on customer care and support to any kind of project or company.

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