Do you know a magic formula for health?

Don't be fooled by those who offer tricks and illusions. Health is not magic, it is change. How about knowing how to really take care of your health?


Is sleeping like a stone a thing of the past?

Find out why in our campaign for World Sleep Day!


Without balance, the list falls apart

Find out how to meet your New Year's goals


Not every difficulty is visible

Understanding and embracing people with hidden disabilities is the next step towards a more inclusive world.


We are experts
in health

And in uncomplicating!

Your way

If we could cite just one great differential of D’Or in relation to competitors, we would say that it is customization. And we are not what we are saying.

While others simply deliver off-the-shelf products, we worry and we have the structure to understand their need, from start to finish, and bring tailor-made solutions. And to be an insurance expert, that makes all the difference.

Why D’Or?

The problems faced by companies – and that make them migrate to D’Or – are always the same: inefficient health management, decentralized administration, lack of customized products, low data access.

And does all this translate in what way? In your pocket! After all, the economy does not arrive as expected. Time and money trickle down the drain.


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