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Brokerage company of Rede D’Or São Luiz Group specialized in benefits. Founded in 2015 with a total commitment to innovation, D’Or Consultoria serves more than 3.400 clients, with 2,3 million lives managed, in its seven bases: SP (capital and interior), RJ (capital and Niterói), BA , MG, PR, DF and PE. And soon it will be in other states, moving more than R$ 4 billion in premiums per year with the largest health insurers in the market.

Don’t let your company down

You can't make ends meet

Today, the health insurance plan represents the second largest expense for most companies. And by using it incorrectly and indiscriminately, this expense will grow – until it overflows.

There's no magic

If nothing is done, there will be a moment when you will have to choose between reducing the plan quality or even ceasing to offer the benefit in order to balance your expenses. In this case, no one benefits.

But there's a solution

This scenario is inevitable.
You simply have to be prepared in advance.
Review your health expenses today!
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DOR Seguros

Discover our business insurance.

While the others limit themselves to delivering off-the-shelf products, we have the necessary structure to understand your needs, from end to end, and bring you tailor-made solutions. Get to know our Corporate Insurances.

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SP Capital

(11) 4890-3232
Av. Pres. Jusc. Kubitschek, 1830
Towers 3 and 4 – 7th Floor
Zipcode 04543-900
São Paulo/SP
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SP Interior

(19) 3875-8951
Av. Fabio Ferraz
Bicudo, 280
Zipcode 13331-501
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Rio de Janeiro

(21) 3590-7233
Rua do Passeio, 42
4th Floor
Zipcode 20021-290
Rio de Janeiro/RJ
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(21) 2714-9604
Av. Rui Babosa, 139
Zipcode 24360-440
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Minas Gerais

(31) 2342-1150
Rua Rio de Janeiro, 1751
Room 702, 7th Floor
Zipcode 30160-046
Belo Horizonte/MG
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(71) 3500-0700
Rua Alceu Amoroso Lima, 470
Room 601, 6th Floor
Zipcode 41820-770
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(81) 3127-3003
Rua João Cauás, 51
1st Floor – Casa Forte
Zipcode 52061-390
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