Insurances for SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises)

Health and dental plans for companies starting with 2 lives, with an entirely customized service.

Here you have the guarantee of D’Or SME

A company belonging to the D’Or São Luiz Network Group

Our professionals are specialized and more familiarized with the products than anyone else.

Our exclusive system in the market sends quotations within a few minutes, directly to your e-mail.

It shouldn’t be a differential, but believe it – it is. We have after-sales service and we guarantee problem-solving in the blink of an eye. Get to know our insurances for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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SP Capital

(11) 4890-3232
Av. Pres. Jusc.
Kubitschek, 1830
Towers 3 and 4 – 7th Floor
Zip code 04543-900
Sao Paulo/SP

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SP Interior

(19) 3875-8951
Av. Fabio Ferraz
Bicudo, 280
Zip code 13331-501

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Rio de Janeiro

(21) 3590-7233
Rua do Passeio, 42
4th Floor
Zip code 20021-290
Rio de Janeiro/RJ

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Minas Gerais

(31) 3555-3343
Av. do Contorno, 6594
Room 1627, 7th Floor
Zip code 30110-924
Belo Horizonte/MG

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(71) 3500-0700
Rua Ewerton Visco, 290
Room 2003, 20th Floor
Zip code 41820-022

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