Understand better about the importance of physical activity for your health and learn how to start doing physical exercises the easiest way.

Routine, fatigue, stress and laziness are among the main enemies of those who wish to start doing physical exercises and have a healthy diet.

And in order to overcome these difficulties, it is crucial to understand that discipline and self-motivation are important ways to persist and realize that all the effort is worth it.

Either practicing more elaborate physical activities at the gym, or simple sports, such as hiking or jogging outdoors, the important is to be clear as to your main personal objectives, even avoiding getting deceived by fake news promising miraculous results..

To better understand how to adopt a new lifestyle and keep away from the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, check out our tips below!

A medical check-up is important before you start doing physical exercises

If you’ve been living a sedentary lifestyle and got used to this condition, you’ve probably noticed that, even if subtly, small physical problems have appeared throughout the years.

To avoid muscular injuries when you start practicing exercises, it is crucial that you go through a health check-up.

Medical advice on muscle and bone condition, body weight and heart condition must be carefully analyzed before effectively starting the physical exercises you have chosen.

These observations are more important than what you think, because they will serve as a guide for your future physical instructor to assist in your physical evolution.

It is important to talk to physical instructors before you start exercising

Did you get the green light from your doctor? Great. But it is not the moment to start exercising. You also need orientations from a physical instructor.   

This professional will guide you through the steps you need to follow to evolve within a sport or physical activity of your choice, besides giving you orientation concerning your posture, frequency, rhythm and equipment.  

As you follow the correct guidance, within a short time you will notice the importance of the physical activity for your health, besides getting nearer to reaching your personal goals, such as losing weight, reducing stress or even becoming a high-level athlete.

Planning your physical exercises makes all the difference for you to start effectively

Practicing physical exercises brings lots of benefits for your health, such as reducing the risks of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, helping in neural and psychological conditions, improving your memory, your reasoning speed, self-esteem and mood. Therefore, nothing better than starting as soon as possible.

Here are some very simple tips for you to start doing physical exercises, such as:

  • Establishing a schedule with the main times and days you wish to exercise;
  • Getting tips from more experienced friends or professionals, such as the physical trainer Márcio Atalla;
  • Setting aside outfits, shoes and accessories necessary for doing your chosen physical activity;
  • And, mainly, overcoming laziness or lack of time.

As the days go by, you will notice how much adopting these healthy habits will be good for your daily routine, not only immediately, but for your entire life. Your persistence will be worthwhile. 😉

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