Nowadays, everyone is used to hearing about fake news. Many are harmless, others are funny… but when it comes to health, they are no longer fun.
This “broken telephone game” is so serious that in 2018, the Ministry of Health provided a phone number for the free and official checking of possible fake news circulating on the media.
And guess what is the leading topic? Cancer. Now, imagine how harmful the spread of fake news about this disease can be to society, once it is considered the second deadliest disease in the world.

Bad Habits

Although they are not the only cause of the disease – the onset of tumors may not depend on external factors – bad habits contribute to the onset of cancer: about 40% of cases could be avoided with habit change.

Medical Opinion

Some signs may suggest the development of the disease and deserve the attention from the one who most understands the subject: your doctor. And the sooner, the better! After all, 90% of tumors detected early have a chance of cure.
The main methods of cancer treatment are surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and target therapy. They are chosen by the doctor according to the profile of each type and stage of the disease:

When the treatment method of choice is surgery, accuracy is determinant for success. Da Vinci is a revolutionary robotic system that allows the control of the robot’s arms to precisely and safely command the clamps during the surgical procedure.

In parallel, high definition cameras allow wide visualization of the organs and structures to be addressed. With this, it is possible to perform more difficult removals in a less traumatic way.

Radiosurgery is not a new treatment, but thanks to CyberKnife, it has become even more resolute. Exclusive of Rede D’Or Star in Brazil, it has its linear accelerator connected to a robotic arm, and it is used to treat injuries in the skull, as well as in other regions of difficult access.

The equipment allows the application of radiation from more diversified angles and to monitor the tumor position in real time, bringing more precision to the treatment.

Thus, CyberKnife is able to better preserve healthy tissues around the tumor, reducing side effects and making treatment time shorter.

Considered by some doctors as the main advancement already achieved against cancer, it is a type of treatment that, with the use of medication, allows the patient’s body to be able to combat cancer on its own.

Not all types of cancer can be treated with immunotherapy, but patients with bladder, kidney, lung cancer, leukemia, head and neck cancers, melanomas and Hodgkin’s lymphomas already benefit from this advance.

Those who treat better are those who treat the most

Thanks to professionals acting in different fronts, it is possible to tackle cancer the best way possible. Whether to prevent, detect or treat, your doctor is the one who will tell you. It’s time to consider your doctor a major partner.

Consult your doctor regularly.
 But only your doctor.

Technical consultant:
Dr. Rafael de Castro Penalva Vita
CRM (Regional Medical Board): 11872 BA