Do you know what beneficiaries who use the emergency room care without the need, the ones who forget to store their exams and those who split the consultation price into two or more receipts have in common?

All these beneficiaries take the risk of bearing the costs of this loss in the health plan account!

But do not panic, we are here exactly to handle this misinformation. Before it mistreats your pocket.

How your benefit works

What you really must not do is having an unhealthy behavior, either for you or for the Plan, such as:

There’s no way out, ends won’t meet for your company.

And when ends don’t meet, $urpri$e

Those who don’t pay the Plan coinsurance might start paying it.

And those who already pay it, might start paying a higher price.

It is your responsibility.

And now, there is no excuse. We have prepared a brief guide with everything you need to know to use your Plan wisely.

Check it out right now and save the link in your favorites, so you can refer to it whenever you wish.

After all, the plan is not supposed to hurt your pocket.