Sometimes, attention needs to be given to those who don’t cry in front of you

For breastfeeding moms,


They take care of their babies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and this leaves them almost no room for simple activities, such as eating, taking care of the household, taking a shower and having a good night’s sleep.


Do you know what this is?

The support network is a group of family members and friends who provide comfort to the new mom’s routines. This help is fundamental for their health and for the child’s future. After all, if the mother is happy and healthy, it is easier for the baby to be as well.

It is very difficult¹ being a mother

Only 1 in 5 moms speak openly about the difficulties in being a mother

Only 1 in 4 women equally share tasks related to raising children

Only 3 in 10 moms confess feeling lonely at home

Maternal stress block breast milk production² and compromise the baby’s health. And the problem doesn’t stop there. Anxiety, physical and emotional overload, pain, and excess of preposterous suggestions from others…

The danger of postpartum depression

This condition may occur due to hormone changes after pregnancy and can make the mom reduce interaction with the child.

The symptoms³ include:

Brief crying spells

Sorrow and hopelessness



Lack of sexual interest



Sleeping disorders

If you notice that a mom is showing these kinds of behaviors during two or more weeks, suggest medical assistance.

Learn how to be part of the solution

Whatever your role is, take care of the new mom the same way she takes care of her own child. Everything she listens to during the first months of maternity, whether being good or bad, may affect her bonding with the baby.


Breast milk is essential until the baby is 6 months old, but it can be an excellent food supplement for much longer. The benefits for the mom and child are scientifically proven.

Benefits of breast milk for the baby

Physical and mental well-being, making the child happier⁴

Lower blood pressure total cholesterol⁵

Improvement of mental health until 14 years old⁶

Benefits for the breastfeeding mom

Stronger bond with the baby

Postpartum weight loss⁷

Reduction of breast cancer risks


Rede D’Or São Luiz, at Itaim, São Caetano and Anália Franco units, offers a support network to moms who gave birth in our hospitals. We have professionals who provide support regarding breastfeeding, courses for pregnant women, joint accommodation, milk bank services and a Breastfeeding Support Group – GAAM.
Click here and learn more.

Be the support network of a new mom. Differently from the baby, she doesn’t cry in front of you.

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