Summer myth:
The Aedes Aegypti Mosquito

For sure you’ve heard of it, the diseases it can transmit and maybe even have known someone who had dengue – the neighbor’s aunt’s friend, maybe? Even so, there are still many people who ignore the existence of the mosquito and end up relying on chance.

Unfortunately, the Aedes mosquito is not a myth! In 2019, dengue cases in Brazil increased by 600%, and by August more than 600 deaths were recorded – due to dengue, chikungunya and Zika.

Help! So, now what?

Due to the rains, summer is more favorable to the proliferation of the Aedes mosquito, and some specialists expect a severe outbreak of these diseases this season.

Are you scared? Calm down, you can work this out! But everyone needs to help. Cleaning gutters, capping water reservoirs and eliminating all other spots of stagnant water? Yes! And no. To prevent mosquito breeding sites, you must go further.

Contact public bodies:

if you notice that specific areas are subject to the presence of mosquitoes, contact the health department of your state.

Find out more about it:

watch out for rumors and only spread information from trusted websites (such as this one here). Information can save lives.

Was I contaminated?

It is important to see a doctor in case of suspected contamination, so be aware of the main symptoms:

Is it a myth or not?

You have already understood that Aedes is a serious matter, so it’s time to clarify other myths concerning the mosquito and the diseases it transmits.

Aedes aegypti is not a myth.

Besides believing it, you must protect yourself.

The diseases transmitted by the Aedes mosquito can kill. Protect yourself.

Technical consultant:

Bruno Miguel Jorge Celoria
CRM (Regional Medical Board): 52.87798-0