To escape a sedentary lifestyle,

any movement counts

Is practicing sports an idea that bothers you? Take it easy. Don’t give up. You can escape a sedentary lifestyle without having to be an athlete.
According to the WHO (World Health Organization), to have a healthier life all you need to do is practice 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activities per week. Or 30 vigorous minutes, in 3 of the 7 days¹.
Como calcular o IMC

How to burn calories without leaving home?

Getting out of a sedentary lifestyle is easier than it seems. Want some tips?

And what
about outdoors?

But, what about

Did you get so excited about the idea that you feel like practicing a sport? Great.
Hiking, water sports (such as hydrogymnastics and swimming), cycling and other low impact activities are always good ways to change your life.
But before you start, go through a check-up and seek guidance with sports doctors and specialists. This is critical to avoid any risks and injuries.

Also, keep away

from a bad diet

• Eat your meals calmly and chew the food well
• Try not to have fluids during meals
• Establish times to eat
• Don’t go without eating for more than 3 hours
• Consume more whole foods, fruits and vegetables
• Avoid refined and industrialized foods
• Drink plenty of water (out of meals)

Remaining inactive
is impractical

Keep going forward. Believe how much this effort will bring good results to your health and well-being and persist. If you want to, you can do it – don’t let anyone say otherwise.


(*Always with the proper medical orientation and physical educators, of course).

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References: ¹Ministry of Health

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